Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Lisa Training a ladyWhen I decided to be a womens- only personal trainer, it made sense to me to do a course in pre and post natal exercise. This was because it stands to reason that I will at some point have clients who become pregnant, or have ladies who want to regain their figures after having a baby. Another factor for me however, was the fact that when I was pregnant myself, I didnt know how to exercise safely, and so I didn't really bother. After talking to a lot of my friends with children, it seemed that this was a common thought. With the qualifications I have, I can guide you safely through your pregnancy, each trimester showing you the best exercises, and that ones to avoid due to safety issues. When you have had your little (tiring) bundle of joy, I can ease you back into exercise once your GP has given you the all clear, and slowly but surely,together we can get you your figure back. It may be an even better one than you had before.

Lisa Training using Squat Method

You may want to have some one to one sessions, maybe some sessions with a pregnant friend, or maybe you just want a session at the beginning of each trimester,  to find out the do's and don'ts for each part of your pregnancy. Whatever you want to do, I would love to help you maintain a level of fitness during this time. Studies have shown that with the right knowledge, pre and post natal exercise is very valuable in many ways. I think that most importantly it gives you a feeling of wellbeing and a more positive body image, at a time when you have little control over your growing tummy! So let me help you and your bump be healthy, and after your precious tiny newborn arrives, lets get you back to feeling like the old you - just even more fabulous.

Lisa x