Services and Prices

Unlike many other personal trainers, I dont work in a gym. I work freelance - I come to your house, and use both your home and the great outdoors to workout in. Straight away that gives you more time as you dont have to travel anywhere to exercise :- no intimidating gym to put you off working out. Just me and you and some portable equipment and we are good to go.
Your programme will be tailored to YOUR goals. It will not be a "cookie cutter" one size fits all programme that some gyms churn out.  We will work on what YOU want to get out of your sessions, because the surest way to stick to a programme is to ENJOY it and see the results that you want.
Take a look at my Services below and please feel free to Contact Me to arrange a meeting or to find out further information.

FREE Half-Hour Consultation
Informal chat to give you a chance to meet me and see if you like my style of training and for me to give you an insight into what I can help you achieve if you decide to train with Lisa Rowe Personal Training.

One on One Training Session - £22.50 each or see below for a Special Offer

Each session will be one hour in length and will comprise of a variety of cardiovascular exercises, resistance training and core stability exercises that are pertinent to what your goals and aims are. Over a period of weeks we will increase the intensity of your workout as you gain fitness and new levels of fabulousness. You can choose to have as few or as many sessions a week as suits you.

Training Programme - £15.00 per programme
If you are the kind of girl that likes to work out alone but needs a bit of inspiration to keep their programme fresh, then this option might just be for you. I can write you a detailed programme based on your current fitness levels that you can take away and do yourself. If you want a change after a few months, then just come right back and I can write you a new one.

Group .Sessions                                                                                                                                                                          Understandably some people may be more comfortable training with a friend.  For this reason I can accommodate up to 3 clients in one session and this will be reflected in the price.

2 Clients £35

3 Clients £40