About Me

Lisa RoweHi I'm Lisa and I thought you might like to know a bit about my background, and how I've found myself Personal Training for all you lovely ladies.  

After having my little boy in my early 30`s, I suddenly found myself short on time to do my normal exercise routine. I found that because of the time my son demanded, I wasn't looking after myself as I had done prior to becoming a Mum. As a consequence of this, I gained weight and size and my self esteem lowered. 

So one cold, wet February morning I had an epiphany. My clothes were becoming too tight. There I stood at a fork in the road:- did I go out and buy some bigger clothes, or did I dig my trainers out, dust them off and get running round the block? Yep you guessed it. Out came the dusty trainers, and off I went for a (rather short) run. It hurt, it was uncomfortable, but over the coming weeks, nothing could prepare me for the pride I felt as my runs got easier and the hurt went away. This was the first time I had ever had to get back in shape. I began to have the utmost respect for hard working ladies everywhere who for one reason or another take the plunge into losing weight and fight through the difficult times that comes with that challenge.

The thing was, in many respects I was lucky because I knew what I was doing in the gym, and this helped tremendously. But then I got to thinking about how difficult it must be to shed weight when you don't have the relevant knowledge. That must make a hard Lisa Rowejob even harder.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was having a physio session with my long-time physio and friend Paul Bradford of Premier Therapy when it came up in conversation that I was a little dejected with the job I was in. He asked me what my ideal job would be and I said Personal Training without a second thought. I said I thought I was too old to change career. After giving me a good talking to, he convinced me that I should just go for it. That conversation changed my life. I enrolled on the course the next day. I will be eternally grateful to Paul for that pep talk that day. 

So here I am. A woman just like you who can sympathise with everything you are going through. Except you dont have to go through it alone. I can help you. I can motivate you, teach you, and we can have fun together while you achieve all of your goals.

Remember, you only get one body so Use It! Work It! Love It! 
I cant wait for us to get started!

Lisa x